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Awash with financial technicalities and complicated terminology, the financial industry is renowned for its jibber jabber, which can be off-putting for many. But we want that to change.

That’s why we have developed our education and learning centre, offering clear and useful information on a range of popular financial topics - from pensions, savings and investments, through to protection and mortgages. Go online and explore our range of topics at your leisure. 

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Ever found yourself zoning out when someone starts to talk finances? Nodding off when someone goes on and on about money? Don’t worry we have too.

Our video library aims to combat that by delivering financial guidance in a short and sweet way. Our DAM advisors explore a range of popular and relevant financial wellbeing topics in a precise video format. From pensions to savings through to health and protection, we cover it all.

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Latest blog posts.

10 Mar 2022

Remaining alert against financial fraud

Despite the continuous efforts of banks and financial institutions to thwart the attempts of fraudsters, the rate of financial fraud is still increasing. Latest figures show criminals have stolen £753.9 million through fraud in the first half on this year, a 30% increase from 2020.
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11 Aug 2021

The Gender Pension Gap

It is extremely likely that you will have heard of the gender pay gap, but have you heard of the gender pension gap?
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7 Jul 2021

Quick & Easy Comes at a Cost: The Dangers of Pay-day Loans

Why is it that it's always on the month you already feel strapped for cash that the boiler decides to break, or your car is due its MOT? Naturally, many people have considered a pay-day loan as a solution to their short-term money problems. Pay-day loans are easily accessible thanks to their quick application process and minimal credit score checks- but are they really a good idea?
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