22nd Mar 2021

Debt Awareness Week

Debt…a taboo subject for many of us when in reality it shouldn’t have to be.


The Covid-19 pandemic has affected many aspects of our life, and debt is no exception to that. A recent study by debt charity StepChange found 4.6 million people have found themselves in some form of debt since the pandemic began- making it an important time for those experiencing money troubles to seek advice and help.

That is why DAM are happy to support StepChanges’ annual Debt Awareness Week, which aims to raise awareness and support those in need to take their first step towards resolving their money worries.

Seeking advice as soon as possible is crucial- StepChange estimates that the average person takes 12 months to realise they need help and get advice, by which time their situation has gotten worse. To combat this, StepChange offers free and impartial advice tailored to the individual and their needs either online or by phone.

To find out more visit their website. 

You may also wish to use our Debt test tool for guidance on combatting specific types of debt.