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Despite a number of initiatives by the Government and private sector  towards women's empowerment, a lot more needs to be done to bridge the gap. Several indicators continue to exhibit inequality between women and men in many areas, including their finances. 

Women still suffer from the gender pay gap, with research indicating that the UK continues to hold the 12th widest gender pay gap, with men earning 14.5% more than their female counterpart. This gap increases as workers get older, with men between 18-21 being paid a marginal 0.8% more than women, but for those in their 50s, the situation is much more bleak, with men earning 19.7% more, according to UK Gov statistics for February*. 

Quite naturally, this pay gap does not just impact women in their working life but can have a significant impact on their retirement income also, significantly contributing towards the rising rates of poverty among elderly women. Two thirds (67%) of pensioners in poverty are women, and half (50%) of pensioners in poverty are single women**. 

This month, join DAM as we explore a range of key areas in relation to the gender pension gap, including: 

- The state pension 

- Private Pensions

- Pensions in divorce. 

Each Friday, we will release a short article with some key facts, figures and guidance on the above topics. As always, should you feel particularly affected by any of the issues raised within the articles, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your DAM advisor to explore the issue further.

Week 1: The state pension

Week 2: Private pensions

Week 3: Pensions and divorce


Coming Friday 29th March 2024



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